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Getting the number from backend service

For frontend Mify uses NuxtJS template which is based on Vue and provides a nice structure for the project. NuxtJS also provides great support for Server Side + Client Side rendering. Here is a good description of page loading lifecycle:

Let's edit the index page and add call to our backend (js-services/counter-display/pages/index.vue):

Counter: {{counter}}


export default {
name: 'Index',
data () {
return {
counter: 0,
async fetch() {
let countingBackend = this.$mifyContext.clients.countingBackend();
try {
var resp = await countingBackend.counterNextGet();
this.counter = resp.number;
} catch (e) {

We're added call to backend to the fetch stage and after receiving the number we add it to the component data which can be accesses in a template.

Now we're ready for final testing.