Scalable service infrastructure for you

Generate infra code to focus on product

Build your backend in a few minutes with our open-source CLI and platform. Get the scalable codebase and infrastructure with the best industry practices and add any API, configs, database that you want.

$ mify initCreating workspace: my-app-project$ mify add service my-app-backendCreating service 'my-app-backend' ...done [=================================] 7/7$ mify add frontend my-appCreating frontend 'my-app' ...done [=================================] 7/7$ mify add client my-app --to my-app-backendAdding client: my-app to my-app-backenddone [=================================] 7/7$ Ready for coding!
Build quickly
Don't spend months on wiring up complex services
Start with a template instead of spending time researching and configuring different frameworks and libraries.
The more components and libraries you use, the more code you'll have to write to glue them together. Mify can just generate it.
Over time, you need to throw away and rewrite old code to scale better. Generated code is scalable from the beginning, because we're focused on it, while you shouldn't.
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openapi: "3.0.0"
      summary: Sample Handler
          description: OK
                $ref: '#/components/schemas/HandlerResponse'
      type: object
          type: string
        - value
Frictionless connections

Smooth interaction between services

We use OpenAPI to connect services and frontends. With it requests to API look and feel like local function call, but under surface Mify generates a powerful client with clear logging and metrics.

Connect services with ease
Simple integrations

Connect services with ease

Mify provides a growing set of components which support your service. You can easily set up authentication, structured logging, metrics and service configuration.

All the boilerplate code for parsing and encoding requests is replaced with the clearly defined schema.
Multiple languages
Contrary to frameworks, with Mify you will have everything you need in any preferred language.
Open Source
Every byte of generated code is completely yours.
No need to build infrastructure from scratch
Everything from configs, storage, and service mesh was designed and prepared, so you won't need to manually glue your code.
We believe that the best and quickest engineering collaboration is possible with a monorepo, you just need the right tool to manage it.
Managed CI/CD
Mify is able to build and deploy your services without any configuration.
Starting with Mify is quick, simple, and free