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Why Mify

Starting a new project is a repetitive and unnecessarily complicated task. Every time you'll need to choose a language, find a framework, set up storage, configuration, logging, metrics, and many more things, duct tape it all together until it works. And it doesn't stop there, after all of that you'll need to write infrastructure code and configs to set up deployment.

But it doesn't have to be that way - Mify is designed to remove this repetitive work from a developer and generate everything required to just start writing meaningful code. With Mify these steps, which would take you months, are implemented in simple commands of a CLI tool.

Why not use NoCode or Lambda

It's true that you can use no code or low-code solutions to skip these hurdles but these platforms only solve limited use cases, and it's hard to move out of them if you need something more, so after a while, you would have to throw away all of your work to continue expanding the project.

We believe in open platforms and Mify, which is an open-source tool, doesn't lock you in, in our generated code we strive to use the best industry practices which will help your project in the long term.