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Setup Your Workspace For Cloud

Getting your cloud token

First, go to your workspace directory and run mify cloud init. If it is the first time you ran this command, it will ask to you visit to receive your token. Follow through the link and Sign in the Mify Cloud, after that you'll be notified by email when you'll be able to access the cloud console.

When you'll get the access, at first you'll be prompted to create your organization. If you have no organization for your team, create it from here. If you want to join existing organization, ping us on Slack.

After creating organization, you'll see dashboard with the next steps for getting the token:

Click on the "Generate New Service Token" button and copy result into the mify cloud init prompt.

mify cloud init will link your project and organization to your workspace and it'll update your ~/.kube/config with credentials to connect to Mify Cloud's Kubernetes.